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day 970: reflecting December 

Part I: traveling 

It’s December and my windows are open. I’m sitting in a bright white room. Dead vines still clutch to the window; I’m the kind of thirsty water won’t help.

I wake up at 4am for a long drive.
I’m driving through my hometown at sunrise.
The quiet emptiness of a Jersey beach town in winter,

but now we’re drunk on wine in Juan les Pins. French acoustic music is on the tv, like the radios in America that drive me nuts.

White moon in the morning sky;
yesterday we let love win.
A dog shows up smiling at my side.

Part II: confession

I made a mistake last week trying to help a friend. It hurt someone who was already hurt and trying to heal. I didn’t know, and I’m sorry.
I’m running along the water listening to James Brown for inspiration. There’s no use making a plan; I can only hope to be humble, and do the next right thing.

Part III: love

It’a Tuesday.
It’s cold.
It takes a wasted heart to know
the relief of bright light shining in the darkness;
shining on the sea.
There’s a great divide between you and me,
but I don’t mind.
Love heals every wound,
over time.

Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha 

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