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day 850: Stephen (a collection)


it’s autumn light now
it’s something more than yesterday
leaves dying and I’m ready to fly
still ground I can walk on
cloudy horizon, I can see
walk with me to the river line (please)


an old woman at the farm stand smells like showers at my aunt’s house after swimming in the 90s. in the country; I cherished those visits. I wanted to know my mother’s life on the farm. she wanted to forget.

conflict, and hope.


I’ve been captured. I escaped. I’m fucked up and I have something to show for it. that makes me wonder. I’m seeking and I found:

I have questions. I have love. You do too;
and me.


gasping realization;
I think I know what hope means.

there’s light on the walls
light on the water, light leaves on the trees
and it’s time (please)

Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

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