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day 661: so here we are

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Nice save, New York.

Remember smoking cigarettes on the sidewalk in the spring? I spent the warm morning in with windows closed; a caged bird who hasn’t realized the door fell open in her sleep. But now I’m flying. My skin is on fire and my heart is safe in the smiles of friends. I’ve been arrested and moments are not my own; my head is open and clear and neon. I need to call my family, but I have a new family too.

It’s good to be on a slow subway platform and my train pulls up just in time. Monk in my ears and the air is warm and welcoming. I spent the day

walking through memories
finding pennies in the road.
Heads up;
it’s time to go.

I’m down here looking up
at melting snow
falling from the bridge
and it’s home.

Muted sunshine reflecting through water. Heart embers gathering for bed. We wrap ourselves in stale blankets and I’m trying to give you love. Sad bitterness boiling, share the light in my eyes. If you let me go we can stay here forever. Fingers crossed,

I promise.

Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

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