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day 293: on the corner


Being high at a highway Starbucks listening to people order is truly an experience. And Sara McGlaughlin’s on the radio. It’s 78 degrees outside but in the shade it’s breezy and nice.

Devin almost lost his baby on Sunday. Alison wrote asking everyone to pray. It felt like a bad time to realize I’m shakier than I thought on the God thing, but I guess that’s how things go. So I snapped in two and went to my parents’ house and cried on their bed. My Mom stayed up late with me; she told me about the time her mother died and she lost her faith. How many times have I been to church with my mother – how many time have I asked her to pray? – and just now do I ask her what she thinks of God. I guess that’s how things go too.

I walk through their house by the ocean and look at the old family pictures on the walls. Our family pictures. The windows are open and the air tastes like salt. I know when I wake up there will be strong coffee and my parents will hug me. My brother will stop by and I’ll hug him too.

I may not know enough about God, but I know about blessings and I know about heaven. I know about hell too. I know family; I know love. And I know we’re gonna be ok.

Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

(playing: on the corner; streaming: dina kelberman gifs @IdleScreenings)

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