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day 248: what’s happening?


• Coltrane comes in panned left on Love Supreme and moves further center at about 5:42 into Part I: Acknowledgement. He comes in left again on Part II: Resolution and stays there till the end.

• I’m sitting next to a pair of lovers in a coffee shop in the west village. They’re on their computers playing footsie (I promise). There’s a big skylight and lots of plants and I feel like I walked into another world. I sat down in an empty seat next to an electrical outlet and my phone was at 40% #amazing

• I bought a woman lunch yesterday in midtown. She asked me for help and I told her I didn’t have any cash and she said it was ok could I just buy her some beef lo mein? I smiled and said yes. She told me about an old lady she used to visit in the area name Miss Lovie. She said she misses her and hopes she’s ok but she was 80 then and now…. She had a scarf on her head and big glasses on her face and carried a book bag and changed her order 4 times in line. She got some egg rolls too.

• I came close to crying listening to music in front of a client again today. This is becoming a theme. But don’t tell anyone. Especially that I’m glad.

• I’m tryna be in Harlem for a minute?

• I may or may not have commitment issues.

And I can still get drunk with a stranger on Macdougal Street. We’re on fire and shining; we’re going to change the world and I don’t believe it but I hope I’m wrong. So, to my Thursday night stranger: make me wrong.

Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

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