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day 102: led zeppelin


We’re recording Led Zeppelin drum samples. This probably sounds fun. It is not fun. We’ve spent days and days feeling rejected; not by anyone or anything, but by the simple truth that to create a copy of greatness is by definition an impossible task.

inspiration feels like freedom now. There is no need to mimic, to capture, to bottle to sell. Selling comes after creation;

inspiration sneaks up on us. One minute I’m doing whatever it is I do, the next I’m breathing: into a heart exploding, eyes wide then close to rest in the comfort of joy. Thank God,

or goodness,

or you. It doesn’t matter,

so long as I am thanking that I am in this world: where time stopped to catch me and I didn’t even know that I was falling down; where nothing could ever stop me from feeling love; where nothing could ever stop love from seeping through us every chance it gets; where nothing can change that it could take us our whole lives (and maybe not even then) to understand that all we need is love is true…

Om Gum Shrim Maha Laksmiyei Swaha

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