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day 71

On Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha – 216 repetitions


I used to live in Philadelphia. We were poor and tucked into the chaos; we drank something all day and talked to say something and listened to see if we could really hear. And we loved so hard no matter how out things got we were home.

But I left one day. I drove down to the desert and out to la. I hung out with Vanessa and Jeff and we threw darts and drank gin and tried to sort it all out. I worked with important peopleĀ and kept my mouth shut and pretended I couldn’t see us all sitting around trying to hide; because everybody’s looking but who can really see. It was ok, but nothing compared to what would happen if you’re lucky enough to find yourself within 15 feet of Devin or Alison or anyone from that South Philly conundrum at 1307. I never could find a way to move forward and get back. But I did get a lot sorted out.

And I still know where to park in old city for the night to love and let myself get out and get sane.

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