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from: Columbia Delta Co.
date: Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 11:19 AM
subject: Heat

Hi Rachael,

Rick from Columbiadelta here,..I didn’t call this morning because I know you keep late hours,..I’m not sure one of the office people talked to you on this but the boiler service people replaced some parts but didn’t change any settings. soooo,…. it may be a bit of that or maybe because the mas of your walls ceiling ect lost some of ts heat and has to catch up with the rest of the building,…OK,..a couple of things,…they pumped in some extra insulation over #3 and 4,..but this was before the heat went out. Did you notice your apt cooler earlier last month? The heat balance of a multi unit is complicated. It can be like moving a mobile,…if you move one, the others move too and the outcome is hard to predict and cause different balance patterns and maybe balancing things have to be played with,…ALSO it may be that other residents may have played with their radiator valves to try to get heat when the heat went down last Mon. If they did,..again with the mobile analogy.

#2 Are all the radiators heating in your apt? Some faster than others?

by the way, are all your radiators painted either silver or very white color? People often painted radiators a light color or even silver thinking that they give off more heat that way when in fact the opposite. A dark colored radiator even if it’s painted over a silver one, will give off approximately 20% more heat which,… is a lot.

Well, whatever the problem is, we want you to be comfortable, snug and warm. I mentioned to Julie maybe as a one time thing of doing a little baking, (cookies sound good?)Anyway just enough to get the best to catch up with the rest of the building,… again as a one-time thing. Whatever, please keep communicating with us because otherwise we can’t tell what works and what doesn’t meanwhile we will try to do a little boost to what we think might help,.. hopefully you’ll feel that soon. Hope otherwise you’re doing well.

By the way I ate at another Hudson restaurant little while ago. MOD down on front Street. I had lunch there and it was really good. But I felt so sorry for the lady there,.. I think I was the only one for lunch and she looked sad and forlorn, standing behind the counter and arms folded looking out the window for a good part of the time. I hope people start to patronize the place because I think it deserves to live on.

I also had lunch at Le Garmin (sp?) which was also excellent. What a difference compared to not that many years ago when as bad as McDonald’s is, it was one of the better places in town that does anything.

Dictated by Dragon naturally voice software.

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