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update from under the radar

With my new Shanti practice, I’ve gone back to the old pen and paper meditation journal. I wonder what the next few months will hold for the blog. For now, I suppose I’ll just ramble a bit…

I’ve been doing a breathe meditation with some yoga and reading, either Shanti or Dr. Wayne Dyer actually. I find, for potentially obvious reasons, Shanti’s writing keeps me on point with my meditation practice and is quite dense and informative. The new challenging ideas are becoming great food for thought. There’s something about Wayne Dyer also that calms me down and brings me to a meditative place just by reading his writing. The two have been streamlining quite nicely.

Shanti writes about Atman (self) on the in breath and Brahman (universal being) on the out breath. Wayne Dyer writes about the metaphor of the ocean — the crest of the wave being the individual, the ocean being the universal being. I’m also a big beach kid, I just want to be near the ocean always and find great peace running on the beach, sitting on the jetty, being with the waves, driving over inlet bridges at the shore. I have naturally listened for the sound of the ocean in my breath since my first adult attempts at meditation 8 years ago.

So meditation this week has been –

In breath — the sound of the ocean
Stillness at the top of breath — feel in the stillness the self, my individual reflection, the crest of the wave
Out breath — the sound of the ocean
Stillness at the bottom of the breath — feel in the stillness the universal being, oneness and light, the ocean

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